Personalized publicity available to accommodate your needs. We can strategically place your music on key platforms to raise awareness about your current efforts. Our relationships with numerous booking agencies WILL facilitate the process of soliciting Major aCTS for your projects. Let us optimize your tour schedule!!! organizing events can be a long, overwhelming process without the proper know how. We work closely with promoters to secure the right locations for the best turnout. Ask us about our extensive touring insurance.  

 all of our campaigns are geared to drive massive amounts of traffic to your music and social media links.... as a bonus, you will  receive the information needed to build a lasting fan-base, guaranteed to help you go on tour, sell merchandise and acquire sponsorships. (you're welcome) 

YOU GOT THE DRIVE we are the ENGINE... our interactive media ecosystem makes all the difference.

fEEL Free  to REACH out to us  via our CONTACT page if you have any  questions about our services.  when you  are ready to move forward with  your career, we will be happy to help  you make significant progress. Ask about our pricing options, we can accommodate your budget. due to our high work volume we require a grace period  of 10 to 15 business days before we begin working on your campaign

if you do not PREPARE for an opportunity ,

you will not be able to capitalize on it.

making music is not ENOUGH ,

PRESENTATION is the KEY. #standout

before you spend one more dollar chasing your rap dreams,

make sure you have a team that can make your project visible online. 

 - do you want RESULTS or EXCUSES ?


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For less than the price of most albums, you get access to the full Apple Music library, expert recommendations, our take on the best new music, and unlimited skips on our radio stations.

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